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First of all, it is rational to light a luxury consumption of derivatives, compared to traditional the expensive price of luxury goods, light a luxury is keep the good experience of consumers on product quality, product prices relatively accessible at the same time a lot.


Second, light is much easier to innovation in product development,michael kors outlet store brand can quickly fill gap in the market left by the big luxury "ebb tide".The definition of "luxury" is "affordable luxury".In particular,michael kors outlet online is a moderate price, Michael Kors outlet popular design, good quality, in the high-end stores have a store brand.At present, the most representative of light on the market of luxury brands have a Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, and the extension of some luxury brand products and line, such as Alexander McQueen's MCQ, Giorgio Armani line Emporio Armani, etc.


The characteristics of those brands is that both have luxury "gene",michael kors outlet online store design features and design feeling and their uniqueness, and consumer is relatively young, give attention to two or morethings and changeable mentality.Most importantly, light extending down the price of the luxury class, let more people to afford.Wealth quality dean Zhou Ting said,michael kors outlet online cheap with the gradual growth of the consumer and the improvement of information transparency, luxury space at a premium to further reduce, when consumer is buying luxuries began attaches great importance to the "value".