Camera Control Software for Conferences

Camera Control Software

DCN Automatic Camera Control SoftwareThe DCN Automatic Camera Control software is designed to interface DCN congress systems with the Philips Allegiant series of video control switchers. It selects fixed or pre-positioned cameras (such as the Philips dome models) to be activated to display the current active speaker at a conference.

When a chairman or delegate microphone is activated on the DCN equipment, the camera assigned to that position is activated. When no microphones are active, an overview camera is automatically selected. The image can be displayed on hall displays or other monitors together with information about the current speaker if required (such as delegate identification). The system operator has a monitor, which also displays information about which camera is active. This system provides an extra dimension to congress and conference proceedings. Up to 1500 delegate positions can be covered using a maximum of 256 cameras.



  • LBB 3588 is for DCN systems with a CCU and a control PC. The activation and installation of the cameras is integrated into the DCN PC control software
  • LBB 3562 is for stand-alone DCN systems (systems without PC control

To download a PDF datasheet on the Camera Control Software module LBB 3588/00.


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