Legislative Voting Systems

If you are looking for a combined voting and microphone system the Philips DCN system we provide for rental or sale is ideal for your applications. From as small system for a school board or a city council with just a few mics to large systems for state and federal legislatures with 1,000 plus mic/voting units, the DCN system can provide a scalable way to implement your voting and microphone requirements in one system.


From a simple stand alone system with basic parliamentary voting with results displayed on the microphone units LCD display to elaborate microphone/voting systems with computer control, video display, voting software, chip card authentication, attendance software, text messaging, integrated intercom, simultaneous interpretation and integrated video camera control with both tabletop and flush mounted units, the Philips DCN system can provide all these features in one digital system with one interconnection cable.


If you would like to discuss the design of a DCN voting system for your group, get a quotation or arrange a demonstration please contact us.