Conference Microphone Rental Philips Bosch

Conference Microphone Rental

We maintain the largest inventory of push to talk microphones in the United States. All of our microphones are digital and made by Philips/Bosch. All feature red light in the stem to indicate that it is on, voice activation, some models have LCD screens for voting, wired interpretation feature. All have a built in speaker.


The CCS 800 is a new, easy to operate and setup, analog system which was introduced in 1998. It supports up to 50 delegate units and has an attractive modern design. It is available in both standard and long neck designs. It is ideal for use in smaller systems (up to 50 microphone units) where simple operation and basic discussion functions are required.


The DCN digital system is comprised of several different models the Concentus table top units and Flush mount units for permanent installation are full featured models with facilities for voting and chip card authentication. The DCN Discussion units are for discussion use only and can be ordered with integrated interpretation receivers. All units in the DCN system are interchangeable and can be controlled in stand alone or computer controlled mode using application software modules. The DCN system is ideal for use with larger groups, as up to 1,500 units can be in one system, or where a full featured system is required.