ADA Compliant

Hard of Hearing - ADA Compliant

Auditory Assistance Systems

We provide auditory assistance systems using both infrared and rf transmission by Philips, Listen Technology and Telex Communications.  Systems are available with base transmitters for fixed installations such as churches, schools, hotels and theaters and with portable transmitters for use for tours or other portable settings.


Both single channel and multichannel systems are available in both rf and infrared transmission systems. The difference between the rf and infrared is that infrared technology uses modulated light to carry the signal and rf systems user radio waves. The infrared system is ideal for applications where there is a requirement for security or where multiple systems would be in use in adjacent rooms as the signal is contained within a room with no signal leakage through walls. The rf system is best when only a few systems are in use simultaneously and where there is a need for quick setup and removals as one needs only to extend the antenna and turn on the power.


Auditory Assistance

Should you require an easy to setup and maintain wireless auditory assistance system for your church, conference center, school, auditorium, theater or meeting hall for compliance with  A.D.A. requirements, we can provide both rf and infrared systems from Listen, Telex and Philips in single or multiple channels.


Should you require additional information about Listen systems please contact us.