Intercom Software

The Intercom software module forms the basis of a congress communication system that allows conference participants to hold two-way private conversations. It provides a means of setting up and controlling intercom calls between delegates, chairman, interpreters and other PC-users during a conference. The Intercom software is used in combination with the LBB 3555/00 Intercom Handset and Cradle. It provides assistance in both the pre-conference creation of an intercom network, and the routing and controlling of intercom calls once the conference is underway. Preparation work includes assigning special intercom links between participants, interpreters or both. Once the conference is taking place, the operator can establish and reroute intercom calls via simple on-screen windows.



  • Enables private, two-way conversations between delegates, chairmen, interpreters and other PC users
  • Search facility to locate delegates
  • Allows up to 23 simultaneous conversations
  • Simple menus for ease of control
  • On-screen help facility


To download a PDF datasheet on the Intercom Software module LBB 3573/00.


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