Interpretation Software

Multi-language interpretation is an essential component in the international congress venues of today. The Simultaneous Interpretation program supports the preparation of simultaneous interpretation facilities and the monitoring of interpreter activities during a conference. It can accommodate up to 15 interpreter booths, each with up to 6 interpreter desks. The main window has two display modes, both rich in graphics for easy assimilation of information. One gives a channel-oriented overview of system status, such as which language is present on that channel, the mnemonic for that language, on which language the interpretation is based, and the number of the desk and booth generating that language. The other display mode gives the same information in a different form, providing an overview of the status of each desk in each booth. This includes booth and desk status (active or non-active), and the language in and out of each active desk. In addition the software enables the operator to establish microphone interlocks, between booths and within booths, with or without using an override facility. In interlock mode, the active microphone must first be turned off before any other microphones can become active. In override mode, any microphone can automatically override the current active microphone and become active. The interpreter system settings are stored in an interpreter configuration file. There are a number of options available to the user for working with these files, all of which are standard DCN file options. These consist of opening, creating and saving files under a new name.



  • Can accommodate up to 90 interpreter desks
  • On-line monitoring of interpretation activities
  • Facilitates normal and relay interpretations
  • Microphone mode options
  • On-screen help facility 


To download a PDF datasheet on the Interpretation Software module LBB 3572/00


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