Microphone Management  Software

The efficient management of delegate microphone status is a vital element in successful conference control. The Microphone Management software module provides the user with a powerful and easy-to-use tool that brings all aspects of microphone management to a single point of control. Microphones are controlled using the name (or desk number) of the delegate. The user can select microphones for the speakers list (active microphones) or prepare a request list. The order of delegates within the request list and speakers list can be altered at any time before or during a conference. A search facility is available that allows the operator to locate specific delegates. It is also possible to give notebook status to delegates, which means they do not have to join the request list and can enjoy certain other privileges not granted to other delegates. The microphone type must be specified for the notebook. The possibilities are:


  • Single-point control of all microphone units
  • Various microphone control options
  • Extensive range of options for microphone-related parameters
  • Output to printer and/or external equipment such as cameras
  • On-screen help facility


To download a PDF datasheet on the Microphone Management Software module
LBB 3570/00.


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