Multi Voting Software

This software module provides the user with the means to select and control six different kinds of conference voting, including Parliamentary Voting. In each case, the program allows the user to prepare for voting, specify vote-related parameters, display and print voting results and start and control voting. There are two main windows: the Preparation window and the Control window. The Preparation window is where voting motions are created and parameters are defined or changed. The Control window is used for starting and controlling voting. There is also a Results window for displaying voting results. These can be displayed in bar-, pie-or thermometer chart form. It is also possible to see voting results while the voting is still taking place. These 'interim results' can be specified in the Preparation window. It is also possible to enable a quorum function. This specifies how many authorized delegates must be present before a voting can legitimately take place. A majority function determines what percentage of votes constitutes a majority voting. The files created are called 'script' files as they act as the script for voting procedures. A file menu allows script files to be opened, created, saved, deleted and printed. There is also a facility for importing script files which have been created and saved in another application.



  • Allows selection between six different kinds of voting
  • Extensive voting preparation facilities
  • Wide range of vote-related parameter options
  • Choice of three voting results display types
  • On-screen help facility


To download a PDF datasheet on the Multi Voting Software module LBB 3576/00.


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