Startup Software

The Startup screen is active whenever DCN software modules are used for controlling and monitoring conference procedures. This module is different from all other DCN software modules because it is primarily used as a platform from which the other modules are selected. When Startup is loaded, it presents the user with a desktop window that is the DCN opening screen. The other DCN modules are represented by icons in this opening screen, and can be activated simply by clicking on them. Startup also has a facility which allows other DCN modules to be loaded automatically. This saves having to manually select modules that are used virtually every time the DCN system is in operation. The user can specify any combination of modules for automatic Startup.


  • On-screen help facility
  • Setting operator headphone and master volume levels, and selecting the channel for the operator to monitor
  • Configuring the Startup program to automatically load selected DCN modules
  • Accessing, acknowledging and printing error messages
  • Opening, closing and deleting Installation Files and Names Files


To download a PDF datasheet on the Startup Software module LBB 3590/00.


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