Video Display Software

Video Display is unlike all other DCN modules in that there is no user action required to operate it. It carries out its function - interfacing the DCN software with video displays - automatically. It provides a means of displaying conference-related information on video displays located in the conference venue. The information can consist of text, numbers and graphical elements like bar charts. All the information displayed is generated by other DCN modules, and it is not possible to alter this information in Video Display. To use Video Display, it is necessary to have a Video Display (VD) Client application. The VD Client application receives the information which is passed to it from the Video Display (server) module. The user can change settings related to how information is displayed on the video screens, such as text or background colors. This can be carried out either during or after installation of Video Display. The VD Client application is supplied with the DCN installation disks.



  • Interface to monitors, video projectors and Vidiwalls
  • Displays voting, message and microphone information
  • Import facility for graphics such as logos and backgrounds
  • Accepts information from other DCN software modules


To download a PDF datasheet on the Video Display Software module LBB 3584/00.


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