DCN Voting

The DCN system can be configured utilizing the Concentus or Standard DCN units for voting applications. All Concentus and standard DCN Delegate units feature 5 voting buttons. Units equipped with LCDs are capable of displaying voting results.


In conjunction with DCN Multi Voting or Parliamentary Voting and Video Display software under PC control voting can be setup with questions entered into a PC database with the results displayed in graphical format on a video screen. The Multi Voting module allows different types of voting formats to be entered such as multiple choice, opinion polling, ratings, and parliamentary whereas the Parliamentary Voting module is specifically for Parliamentary voting only. The controlling PC can save the results of votes and in conjunction with the Delegate Database software can save totals, group and individual results. Voing access can be supplied using chip cards if required allowing only specific individuals to cast votes.


The system can also work in stand alone mode with simple "Yes, No, Abstain" votes under control of a DCN Chairmans Mic with LCD display. The voting start and stops are controlled by the Chairmans mic and the voting results are tallied on the Chairman's display.


Should you require further information on voting please contact us.