DCN Concentus System

DCN Concentus System

A new addition to the DCN line is the Concentus family of microphones. Concentus units are typically used for larger conferences. The Concentus units feature a removable microphone stem available in 12" and 19" lengths. The microphones feature a lighted red LED ring to show microphone activity and the Concentus units can be used on a table top or easily flush mounted.


As a unit within the DCN system these microphone can be combined with any other DCN system components to form a complete conference system or they can be used with carrying cases to provide a easy to setup ad hoc conference mic system which can handle up to 1,500 microphones and operated in operator controlled, delegate controlled or voice activated mode. A Chairmans microphone unit is available which has the addition of a priority button which, when depressed, sounds a chime and momentarily mutes all delegate microphones. When the button is released all delegate mics that were on, prior to the pressing of the priority button, are returned to active status.


With the mic removed the inovative flat-panel loudspeaker folds down over the control buttons to facilitate efficient storage and protect the mic controls from damage. All models of the Concentus microphone feature a large soft touch  microphone activation button and 5 voting buttons. Additional models are available with integrated interpretation channel selector, chip card reader and multilingual, backlit LCD graphic display.


The use of a flat panel loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal feedback which increases intelligibility. The integrated loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is activated. Through the use of a PC control and software modules the five voting buttons can provide a variety of voting modes such as parliamentary, multiple choice and audience response. Simple parliamentary voting can be initiated by a Chairmans mic unit in a stand alone system.


In operator controlled mode, a PC running a DCN software module can control such items are speaker timer, executive mic control, speaker order, and microphone names. Automatic panning video cameras can also be used to provide a video feed of the active speaker.


The attractive, contemporary styling of the Concentus units allow the system to be easily integrated in a variety of settings. Ease of setup and operation are guaranteed as in all units in the DCN family, a 6 pin DIN connection wires the system in a daisy chain fashion distributing all digitized audio and signaling for all functions in a simple network.


To download a PDF of the datasheet for the standard model LBB3544/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the model with channel selector LBB3545/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the full function model with display LBB3546/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the Chairmans unit LBB3547/00


Should you require additional information on the Concentus system please contact us.