Software Modules

The DCN system when under computer control utilizes software modules to provide control of a variety of system functions. All software runs on a Windows XP compatible PC and communicates with the Central Control Unit via a serial connection.

Software is available for startup, microphone management, graphic microphone control, parliamentary voting, multiple voting, delegate database, attendance, intercom, text display, messaging, interpretation, video display, camera control, installation and for encoding chip cards.


The the use of a PC computer and various software modules deliveringing a complete conference management system can be created which provides delegate attendance and access to voting and microphone use based on chip card authentication. Systems can be created for use in legislative settings with complete software control and tracking of delegate microphone usage with video control and superimposed delegate name.


Ideal for use in conference centers and hotels and other mutipurpose facilities, the use of computer control allows settings for microphones an interpretation equipment to be stored and recalled at any time thereby allowing rapid changes to system configuration.


Utilizing messaging software, intercom and video display a complete communication system can be provided in a legislative or conference environment without the use of ancillary equipment. Silent text messages can be sent to individual conference mic units or external video monitors and private intercom connections can be made between participants.


Using DCN software application modules the DCN system can be configured in a countless number of ways to provide a full featured, advanced conference communication network.


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