DCN Discussion

The DCN discussion microphone is a standard delegate discussion unit, enabling participants to speak, register a request to speak, and listen to a speaker. The microphone stem is extremely flexible, so the microphone can be used by delegates sitting on either side of the unit, thus allowing one unit to serve two delegates. The unit also accommodates two separate headphones, so the speaker can be heard clearly even in situations with excessive background noise. This aesthetically pleasing, compact unit has a built-in loudspeaker which is muted when the microphone is on to prevent acoustic feedback. Microphone active indication is by a clear red LED ring at the top of the mic stem as well as a red LED on the mic unit. As a unit in the DCN system the microphone is connected via a 6 pin DIN cable in a daisy chain fashion with each mic having a DIN connector and a 2 meter mic cable which can be easily extended with extension cables.


The DCN discussion microphones are available with 12" and 19" goosenecks and with a built-in simultaneous interpretation channel selector, which integrates with the DCN system. As a unit within the DCN system these microphones can be combined with any other DCN system components to form a complete conference system or they can be used with carrying cases to provide a easy to setup ad hoc conference mic system which can handle up to 1,500 microphones and operated in operator controlled, delegate controlled or voice activated mode. A Chairmans microphone unit is available which has the addition of a priority button which, when depressed, sounds a chime and momentarily mutes all delegate microphones. When the button is released all delegate mics that were on, prior to the pressing of the priority button, are returned to active status.


In operator controlled mode, a PC running a DCN software module can control such items as speaker timer, executive mic control, speaker order, and microphone names. Automatic panning video cameras can also be used to provide a video feed of the active speaker.


The DCN Discussion Microphone is ideal for use where there is a requirement for a compact microphone for small or large meeting groups, with or without simultaneous interpretation. They can be easily used in a boardroom setting, or on classroom tables in a conference environment and are ideal for use in school boards where advanced functions such as operator control or video are required.


To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 12" model LBB3530/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 19" model LBB3530/50
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 12" model with interpretation LBB3531/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 19" model with interpretation LBB3531/50
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 12" Chairmans model LBB3533/00
To download a PDF of the datasheet for the 19" Chairmans model LBB3530/50


Should you require further information on the DCN Discussion Systems please contact us.