Legislative Applications

The Philips DCN conference systems is ideal for use in legislative applications such as state and county legislatures, school boards, city and town councils, and association legislative bodies.


Units are available in both flush mount for permanent installations and desktop for portable use. A system can start out with just microphones and be expanded to provide facilities for voting, language interpretation, software control, chip card authentication, attendance control, intercom and video camera control. In one system all facets of legislative communication can be handled.

The modular design of the flush mount devices allow great flexibility in the design and layout of a  delegate's station. In the past several components from various manufacturers with many custom designed pieces were required to provide a system for legislative use, now with innovative digital design, a single system exists that can provide flexibility, expandability and high reliability.


Systems can be designed with computer controlled voting with video presentation of the results. Through the use of chip card technology integrated facilities for authentication and attendance control can be added to the system. using a computer based database, through their chip cards users can be given the rights to use microphones, intercom or vote on a per chip card basis. With the integration of an interpretation system, simultaneous interpretation facilities can be added at any time to provide multilingual capabilities to any legislative body.


A simple microphone only system can evolve into a system that provides voting and computer control. After a period of time chip card authentication and attendance tracking can be added. Then interpretation and intercom can be added and finally video integration can be added. Using a Philips Autodome camera, complete video records of sessions can be maintained with automatic operator less control of the video camera with superimposed delegate name along with computer data of microphone usage and vote tallies.


The DCN system provides a one stop solution for legislative microphone and voting systems.


If you would like a demonstration of to receive more information on the DCN system for legislative uses contact us.